Specsafe Eyewear's unique 'All Inclusive' package guarantees that there are no extra costs or hidden charges, whilst offering a large choice of modern safety frames to the employee.

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  • Competitive straightforward price structure

  • Easy to use prescription voucher form offers you the freedom to use your existing on-site optician or any high street optician for your eye examination and dispensing service.

  • Choice of stylish / fashion plastic or metal frames at no extra cost.

  • All dispensing fees are included.

  • All high power prescriptions are included.

  • Spectacle case and cleaning cloth included.

  • Post, packing and admin charges are included.

  • Single invoice with support documentation for easy admin.

  • On-site service available for sight testing and dispensing.

We aim to be the most competitive in the industry and would welcome an opportunity to discuss your requirements in more detail.

The Specsafe Eyewear sales team will be pleased to answer any queries that you may have regarding the supply or procedure for prescription safety spectacles for your company.

All of our safety eyewear has been tested and approved to the European Standards CEEN166 / ISO Approved.

• Single vision lens- £41.95 all inclusive
• Standard bifocal lens- £69.95 all inclusive
• Varifocal lens- £93.95 all inclusive

• Polycarbonate or Toughened Glass Lens- £4.75 per lens
• Tints- £5.00 per lens
• Hard Coating- £11.25 per pair
• A2 Safety Frames- £10.00

The Specsafe 'All Inclusive' package is available via an approved network of professional distributors in the personal protective equipment market. Just add your prescription safety spectacle requirement to your existing PPE supplied contract.

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